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Article: German Kabirski Wins Major Prizes at JCK Jewelers' Choice Awards

German Kabirski Wins Major Prizes at JCK Jewelers' Choice Awards

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Industry Recognizes Unconventional Jewelry

Last week, our designer, German Kabirski, won three top honors at the JCK Jewellers' Choice Awards Competition. And while we're not ones to brag, we are certainly grateful that unconventional art jewelry—so different from traditional craft—is receiving recognition from top U.S. jewelry professionals.

About JCK Jewelers' Choice Awards

The JCK Jewelers' Choice Awards is a renowned competition in the jewelry industry, held just before the JCK Show. It's a big deal because it's where industry experts and retailers come together to recognize outstanding creativity and craftsmanship in jewelry design. The judges, made up of respected professionals in the field, carefully evaluate each submission to identify the best pieces that showcase innovation and excellence in design. Winning an award at this event is a significant achievement for any designer or brand, as it highlights their commitment to pushing boundaries and setting new standards in the industry.

Award-Winning Designs by German Kabirski

German Kabirski's success at the JCK Jewelers' Choice Awards is a testament to his innovative approach to jewelry design. Let's take a closer look at the winning pieces:

Best In Gender-Neutral Jewelry: Vinci Rough Ruby and Black Spinel Pendant

Among his winning designs is the Vinci Rough Ruby and Black Spinel Pendant, which received the award for Best In Gender-Neutral Jewelry. Kabirski's unique 'Stained Glass' technique is showcased in this piece, where irregular crystals are carefully encased in precious metal, resulting in a mesmerizing mosaic effect.

jck 2024 awards

Best In Color Stone Jewelry: Geiger Rough Citrine and Orange Sapphire Ring

The Geiger Rough Citrine and Orange Sapphire Ring, recognized as Best In Color Stone Jewelry, celebrates the natural beauty of Citrine in its raw and unpolished form. Its imperfections lend it a sense of vitality and authenticity, resonating with admirers of nature-inspired jewelry.

jck 2024 awards

Best In Mixed Metal Jewelry: Galileo Pink Tourmaline Bangle

Kabirski's Galileo Pink Tourmaline Bangle, awarded Best In Mixed Metal Jewelry, showcases an innovative blend of silver and titanium mesh—a pairing rarely seen in traditional designs. Enhanced with accents of Black Rhodium and 18K gold plating, this bold piece challenges conventional notions of jewelry craftsmanship.

jck 2024 awards

Insights from JCK Magazine's Editor in Chief

In her editorial for the "Best of The Best" digital flipbook, Victoria Gomelsky, Editor in Chief of JCK Magazine, said:

"They are also a shortcut to the trade's most talented designers. Be sure to check out JCA newcomers such as German Kabirski, whose Geiger natural rough citrine and orange sapphire ring (Colored Stones, $2,500 and under) impressed the judges with its unusual styling and accessibility."

Gomelsky's endorsement underscores the importance of platforms like the Jewelers' Choice Awards in providing exposure and recognition to up-and-coming designers, further solidifying Kabirski's place among the industry's most promising talents.

Tracking German Kabirski's Award-Winning Designs

All three award-winning designs by German Kabirski have already found their forever homes—a heartfelt congratulations to their new owners! Feeling like proud parents over here? You should! It's a special moment for us knowing that these unique pieces are cherished by discerning collectors.

German Kabirski at JCK Show: Save the Date!

Catch us at the Designer Collective Pavilion from May 31st to June 3rd, 2024, at The Venetian Expo in Las Vegas for the JCK Show! Swing by Booth 13023 to explore our latest designs and say hello. We look forward to meeting you there!

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