The pursuit of knowledge makes us who we are – something important with a devilishness inside. Just like a collection of men's jewelry.

They are so important...only at first glance.


Fisara Sapphire Ring

Handcrafted with a pretty latticework of precious metal this stunning ring has an essence of magic. Scattered along its curves are glistening blue sapphires. They twinkle with depth and majesty beneath their delicate cage of sinewed shapes.

Sind Blue Sapphire Ring

Liquid light seems to pour forth from this black rhodium ring. Pleats and folds arrange themselves in a dramatic poem of mystical form. They capture movement and passion at its height. A twinkling blue sapphire adds to this esctatic symphony with its depth of colour and gorgeous tone.

Nicasia Peridot Ring

A shining network of black rhodium lines interconnect at the apex of this sumptuous ring. A natural triangle shaped peridot is edge with brilliant gold to offset its beautiful color. There is a true majesty and grandeur to this piece of treasure.