What is hidden in the shell of your hands?
Uncover the mystery
And reach for the depths

Purple attracts the eye and the heart. Captivates the soul and carries it on. The most mysterious and mystic colour lives in the very deep, thus pulling you into its arms, only to trap you in the shell of its hands, cover you with the mother of pearl, hide you inside as the most precious of them treasures.

Are you ready to embrace the mystery of the Deep-Sea Mollusc Collection? Then answer its call.

Einen Amethyst Ring 450$

White rhodium has been crafted in a design that is both captivating and soulful. Its enigmatic twists create a soundless symphony of movement as they weave and twirl in a graceful curve. The pinnacle of the ring is blessed with a faceted amethyst that spills rich light.

Kona Amethyst Ring 510$

Lines of glasslike amethysts cast a pale purple light as they twinkle around the design of this ring. Black rhodium creates the perfect organic home for them to nestle as they offer up their brilliant light as penance to the universe that created them.

Meni Amethyst Earrings 570$

Elements of bright gold detailling are the crowning aspect of these unique earrings. Hanging from their halo like grip are droplets of amethyst that cast a brilliant glow as they languish between lines of black rhodium metal.

Aena Amethyst Ring450$

A glittering amethyst rises to prominence as the vital heartbeat of this enigmatic ring. Gilded all around by a circlet of bright gold it emerges from a black rhodium background and bursts proudly with purple light

Marica Pink Garnet Ring 450$

Clusters of rich and raw garnets are cloistered in a joyous design. Their purple glow creates a natural light that is sumptuously memorable. Black rhodium encapsulates them in a tangle of thorny raw lines that add texture and depth.

Alcina Pink Garnet Ring450$

A barrel shaped ring crafted of black rhodium that is truly impactful. A collection of richly coloured raw garnets offer a glimmering cluster of gemstones that seem to vibrate with pulsations of life force. A statement piece that infinitely glimmers.