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Article: #LifeWithFreaks: Tatiana Lind's Space and Earth Adventures

#LifeWithFreaks: Tatiana Lind's Space and Earth Adventures

Welcome to #LifeWithFreaks



Welcome to the first story in our #LifeWithFreaks series! Here, we share stories about people who love wearing German Kabirski’s jewelry. These aren't just mere decorations; they're able to form an amazing freak-human connection and go on adventures with their owners, protecting them from the ordinary.

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Meet Tatiana Lind from NASA

Today, let’s introduce Tatiana Lind, who works at NASA's Johnson Space Center. Her job is pretty cool: she helps astronauts communicate with Earth. As an interpreter, Tatiana plays a crucial role in making sure the team on the ground and the crew in space understand each other perfectly.

Her work involves translating on the Space-to-Ground console at the Mission Control Center, a job that's vital during space missions. She ensures that communications between the International Space Station Program and mission control run smoothly, which is key to the success of the missions.

In 2023, Tatiana's exceptional work was recognized with NASA’s Silver Snoopy award, a prestigious accolade that highlights her contributions to space exploration and mission safety. Through her dedication, Tatiana has become an indispensable link between our world and the vastness of space.


A Discovery Among the Stars 

A few years ago, Tatiana found something as odd and fascinating as the stars she works with—German Kabirski’s jewelry. Its unusual, space-like designs caught her eye, and she instantly loved them. It was like finding a piece of the cosmos to wear every day.

Tatiana's World

Tatiana's life is full of amazing stories. Imagine getting a "Happy Birthday" song from space on your birthday! Or the funny story when she accidentally parked her car in Elon Musk's spot at SpaceX. Yep, that happened to her!

Off duty, Tatiana loves doing yoga, spending time with her pets, and traveling. No matter where she is or what she’s doing, she often wears her favorite German Kabirski jewelry. Tatiana says, “German Kabirski's jewelry takes me to a world of wonder and endless possibilities." It’s easy to see why. Her job connects her to the vastness of space, and her jewelry reflects that same spirit of adventure and exploration.

Share Your Freak Tales

We're just getting started with #LifeWithFreaks. We're all about sharing the cool, quirky, and incredible ways these pieces become part of your life. We want to hear about your adventures with German Kabirski jewelry too. Got a story? Tell us about it.

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