New Week – New Freaks With 25% Off

25 percent off week german kabirski

We are holding a new casting for your theater of freaks and today you’ll see real stars on the stage! Legends are told about them, but a picture paints a thousand words.

Ladies and gentlemen, today's new cast members are:

Ruby, the dominant family jewel.

Spinel, often confused with ruby, but it holds its own deep secrets.

A sapphire. Oh wait - a whole galaxy of sapphires!

Garnet, perfectly igniting passion.

Tourmaline, singing exquisite harmonies.

And Peridot, whose intuition is truly supernatural.

This kaleidoscope of gemstones perform a chorus on stage for you, but only until midnight on Sunday. Choose with your heart and use with the promo code: TF25OFF.



Terms and conditions:

- Please note that the discount is only intended for the purchase of items from the sale page.

- This discount cannot be combined with other discounts.

- If you want to return the item(s), the refund is carried out at the price paid at the time of purchase of the product.