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Article: Art Is In Every Sound

Art Is In Every Sound

art is every sound banner german kabirski

Our player is stuck on replay! It is amazing how precious stones can evoke the most beautiful musical associations for every person. We want to share with you the most vivid stories:

ring geman kabirski


It was bought by myself 15 years ago or something. No special reason, just liked it. Every day it’s with me since then. It is gently knotted, smooth, tender - like this song. Richard Marx - Hazard. Richard Marx – Hazard.”

Oksana takes 1st place and wins a $1000 gift card.


Oksana winner geman kabirski

“German Kabirski jewelry is very much like music. Every piece is designed with great emotion and they all tell a unique story. Not unlike music composed by some of the best, this company does it right. Listening to classical music, I relate the flow of the instruments into one seamless piece to the beautifully designed work I am proud to wear. Thank you GK


Frank Sinatra: Fly Me To The Moon - “Fly me to the moon, let me play amongst the stars”✨


This song always reminds me that you will find gems in life worth keeping around and to keep your chin up because no one ever made it to the stars looking at the ground. Being able to wear something that reminds me of that is such a blessing.”

Logan takes 2nd place and wins a $600 gift card

ring geman kabirski

“First association – the mountains.. if you have not been to the mountains, you will not understand all the beauty 🥰 the song conveys the whole ring shape. Sabina – Dagestan”

Ekaterina takes 3rd place and wins a $400 gift card


We thank each participant for your stories and tracks. They touched us deeply, inspiring us to create playlists with all your songs, and we couldn't resist adding a couple of our own.


Find your favorite player and begin your wonderful musical journey!

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