Zodiac Gift Guide

Every star has its own sibling on Earth – a gemstone our path is paved with. Make a gift of a constellation of one’s earthly stars – here you can find a true talisman, in which their own universe will forever live.


Ruby, diamond, garnet, amethyst, sapphire

Sometimes an incredibly friendly person may be found wandering in the sky, the one with energetic moves, a glistering smile and ready to dive into any flame. Their path should be paved with some sturdy gemstones. Not every gemstone is able to withstand their drive! One may need the strength of Rubies, Garnets, Diamonds or Sapphires, for the world to endure.


Sapphire, diamond, garnet, tourmaline

Appears to be an Earth sign, yet so creative! As if they build their own constellation themselves, as well as any other ones… Their way is paved with gemstones with a precise fulcrum point. And they were the ones who placed them. They are not going to share with anyone! See how distinct the Sapphire and Emerald pattern is? Those Diamonds, Garnets and Tourmalines are hand-picked almost… A job well done by Taurus!


Citrine, pearl, amethyst, tourmaline

They were joking and laughing just a moment ago, and now are sitting all sad in the corner. It’s not that Gemini are crazy or something, they’re not. It’s just that they are emotionally flexible and their path may differ, and various gemstones suit them. Just like they are, with the same universe within. Just take a closer look into the depths of Citrines, Tourmalines, Pearls and Amethysts. You may discover a whole new world.


Sapphire, aquamarine, pearl, amethyst, tourmaline

They are hard to mislead and easy to offend. The emotional ones, from the early days, would neither build pavements nor paths, but erect walls of beautiful gemstones, which would serve to protect their fragile inner world. Try helping them build and eventually they will invite you into their fort. Only a cater-cousin may breach the walls of Sapphire, Aquamarine, Emerald and Tourmaline.


Diamond, garnet, sapphire, ruby, tourmaline, citrine

In the noble shine of Leo, there’s nothing half-measured. That is why they are so generous with their close ones and so deeply in love with themselves. Yet with all their shining power they will get nowhere without support, so it’s not roads or paths that should be paved, but a stage, where they will find their own part to play. And the gemstones should be the brightest. Sapphires, Garnets, Rubies, Diamonds. The gemstones of the kings.


Sapphire, Peridot

Most of the time they are surprisingly calm and restrained, and very disciplined about any responsibilities they take on, as well as promises they choose to make. They are very demanding of every gemstone that paves their way and highly appreciative of any help they get tidying it up. The pavement should be smooth, the gemstones should match in colour, and you’d better not argue with Virgo.


Aquamarine, chrysolite, tourmaline, sapphire, topaz, amethyst, citrine

Which one of them doesn’t enjoy conventional parties and gatherings? They are looking for support from others, unwilling to take a wrong turn on their way, upset the balance, and step on a wrong path paved with wrong gemstones. You have to make sure to pick the right ones for their path to spark with new colours. But which gemstones are the right ones? Aquamarines? Citrines? Tourmalines? Topaz? Let’s get creative, shall we!


Ruby, garnet, amethyst, tourmaline, topaz

Always ready to fight for their rights and their dreams. However, their battle is a cold-blooded waiting game. And it may await not only the right moment, but the right and dear team. In order to head straight together along the path paved with precious gemstones. See? A Ruby awaits. A Garnet has frozen in place. An Amethyst can already feel the beat.


Turquoise, amethyst, ruby, garnet, topaz, sapphire

Precipitous and vigorous, they are ready to shoot at everything boring and mundane, but only to miss. It is best to pave their ways with a variety of gemstones — they will check them all out and then look for even more, with a wide smile on their faces. Turquoise they demand and Rubies. More Garnets and Topaz please! Don’t you dare forget Sapphires! Aww, what’s that? An Amethyst? How lovely!


Black diamond, ruby, diamond

They would spend years to achieve their goals, being methodical, systematic and stubborn, in order to be at the head of this system, and pave their way with the sturdiest and densest of the gemstones. The first, the second, the third one — each of these pavements will lead you to Capricorns, for it is their way. The way surrounding them. Respect it! And be free to suggest other gemstones. Capricorns are open to suggestions. But they know their Rubies and Diamonds well enough.


Aquamarine, diamond, amethyst, sapphire

The sign of humanity itself — Aquarius! Wandering high up in the clouds, a dreamer blogger soaring above all, an influencer and a trend maker. And it’s all thanks to their original take on things. The myriad ways! And they are able to awaken one’s consciousness if found in the vicinity of enough paths paved with right gemstones. The only thing left to do is to pick those right ones. Let it be some aery Aquamarine, a marvelous Diamond, a deep Sapphire.


Aquamarine, amethyst, pearl, tourmaline

Eager to rush into the unknown, where no common person would dare to force their way. They are certain they will be understood somewhere deep down there, in the realm where yet undiscovered pavements lie around. Only there must be no one down there, but the marvelous gemstones, which can definitely speak their odd language.