Verter Amethyst Ring

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Embrace creativity and showcase your distinctiveness with this unconventional open ring crafted by the anarchist designer, German Kabirski. Made from 925 Silver and plated with a bold combination of Black Rhodium and Gold, this piece features a large clear natural Amethyst trillion at one end. On the opposite end of the band, a small pink sapphire adds a subtle touch of color and creativity. This ring is more than an accessory; it's an artistic expression that encourages you to flaunt your individuality and embrace the beauty of being different.

NOTE: The gemstone colors may vary based on lighting conditions. For the most accurate representation of the gemstone color, we recommend referring to model pictures taken in controlled and dissolved light settings.

Silver 925

Stones Amethyst

Plating Black Rhodium, Gold 18K

Width 28 mm

Band wide 4 mm

Length 24 mm

Weight 14.66 g

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