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Bacchus Bunch

German Kabirski presents a new collection of silver designs with natural Amethyst gemstones, inspired by a hedonistic lifestyle, wine, and the wild spirit of Bacchus. Ironically, Amethyst is the gemstone believed to keep the mind clear and prevent intoxication. Controversy is our muse.

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Aralez  Amethyst, Pearl RingAralez  Amethyst, Pearl Ring
Aralez Amethyst, Pearl Ring Sale price $450.00
Chimey  Amethyst EarringsChimey  Amethyst Earrings
Chimey Amethyst Earrings Sale price $480.00
Apu  Amethyst, Pearl RingApu  Amethyst, Pearl Ring
Apu Amethyst, Pearl Ring Sale price $360.00
Yusn Amethyst PendantYusn Amethyst Pendant
Yusn Amethyst Pendant Sale price $580.00
Osmotar Amethyst EarringsOsmotar Amethyst Earrings
Osmotar Amethyst Earrings Sale price $420.00
Unku Amethyst Earrings GERMAN KABIRSKIUnku Amethyst Earrings GERMAN KABIRSKI
Unku Amethyst Earrings Sale price $400.00
Haoma Amethyst Ring GERMAN KABIRSKIHaoma Amethyst Ring GERMAN KABIRSKI
Haoma Amethyst Ring Sale price $400.00
Shadrafa Amethyst Ring GERMAN KABIRSKIShadrafa Amethyst Ring GERMAN KABIRSKI
Shadrafa Amethyst Ring Sale price $270.00
Aegir Amethyst Ring GERMAN KABIRSKIAegir Amethyst Ring GERMAN KABIRSKI
Aegir Amethyst Ring Sale price $270.00
Jar Amethyst Ring Sale price $260.00
Rigzee Amethyst Necklace GERMAN KABIRSKIRigzee Amethyst Necklace GERMAN KABIRSKI
Rigzee Amethyst Necklace Sale price $1,050.00
Susen Amethyst Pendant GERMAN KABIRSKISusen Amethyst Pendant GERMAN KABIRSKI
Susen Amethyst Pendant Sale price $390.00
Roones Amethyst Pendant GERMAN KABIRSKIRoones Amethyst Pendant GERMAN KABIRSKI
Roones Amethyst Pendant Sale price $380.00
Roones Amethyst Earrings GERMAN KABIRSKIRoones Amethyst Earrings GERMAN KABIRSKI
Roones Amethyst Earrings Sale price $390.00
Tangaroa Amethyst Ring GERMAN KABIRSKITangaroa Amethyst Ring GERMAN KABIRSKI
Tangaroa Amethyst Ring Sale price $360.00
Aguna  Amethyst RingAguna  Amethyst Ring
Aguna Amethyst Ring Sale price $310.00
Marque Amethyst Ring GERMAN KABIRSKIMarque Amethyst Ring GERMAN KABIRSKI
Marque Amethyst Ring Sale price $290.00
Tepoz Amethyst Ring GERMAN KABIRSKITepoz Amethyst Ring GERMAN KABIRSKI
Tepoz Amethyst Ring Sale price $360.00
Roones Amethyst Ring GERMAN KABIRSKIRoones Amethyst Ring GERMAN KABIRSKI
Roones Amethyst Ring Sale price $370.00
Rauge Amethyst Ring GERMAN KABIRSKIRauge Amethyst Ring GERMAN KABIRSKI
Rauge Amethyst Ring Sale price $420.00
Dewi Amethyst Ring GERMAN KABIRSKIDewi Amethyst Ring GERMAN KABIRSKI
Dewi Amethyst Ring Sale price $350.00
El Amethyst Earrings GERMAN KABIRSKIEl Amethyst Earrings GERMAN KABIRSKI
El Amethyst Earrings Sale price $420.00
Caranx Amethyst Bangle GERMAN KABIRSKICaranx Amethyst Bangle GERMAN KABIRSKI
Caranx Amethyst Bangle Sale price $1,260.00
Tano  Amethyst RingTano  Amethyst Ring
Tano Amethyst Ring Sale price $360.00
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