Assemble Your Theater Of Freaks With 25% Off

assemble german kabirski

Going out is a whole performance

Who plays on your stage?

Whatever mood you are in – drama, absurdity, or comedy at her Majesty's pleasure – there is a brilliant freak for each, and with a 25% discount, maybe even two or three. Choose as many as you want.

We are announcing a weekly casting of freaks for your theater!

– Every week, there are new freaks with a 25% discount – new cast members for your theater.

– But, it can end as suddenly as it started...

Impresario, raise the curtain!

Actors to the stage. The show must go on!


Terms and conditions:

- Please note that the discount is only intended for the purchase of items from the sale page.
- This discount cannot be combined with other discounts.
- If you want to return the item(s), the refund is carried out at the price paid at the time of purchase of the product.