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Article: The Cadence That Sparks Memories

The Cadence That Sparks Memories

sparks memories

The mind stores an endless library of memories. When you hear the melody of a familiar song, the bright lights of the past transports you elsewhere...

... to the carefree summer of your youth.

... to that unforgettable embrace before leaving.

... to a languid walk in the park.

... to tender sadness about a poignant event.

Everyone has music that helps them recall something unforgettable. Tell us what music reminds you of German Kabirski’s precious stones! Take a picture of your German Kabirski piece, hashtag it with #gk_recall and take part in our contest about music and it's connections with German Kabirski.

All art exists together as one.

Join us. Share your song.


Terms & Conditions:

- Three winners – three gift cards for $400, $600 and $1000.

- A German Kabirski piece of your collection or your dream should be featured in the shot or video.

- It is not required to add a music track to your post. You may just write the artist and track name.

- IMPORTANT! Follow up your instagram post with a short story about your feelings connected to that music – it will make the story even more interesting.

- Post it all on Instagram with hashtag #gk_recall

- The winners will be revealed on the official website on 30 August.

- Take a closer look at the stones! Listen to their melodies! Share what song they bring to you!

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