Metis Ametrine and Rough Ruby Ring


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Feel like home in the wonderful world of contradictions where German Kabirski presents his new singular jewelry freak - an unusual designer silver ring, plated with black rhodium and 18K gold. It showcases an extraordinary natural wonder, ametrine, a rare bicolor quartz boasting both citrine yellow and amethyst purple tones, melding two distinct souls into one exquisite crystal. On the side, a fiery line of all-natural, uncut, and unspoiled rough rubies adds a vivid splash of color, challenging the status quo. This ring defies the confines of traditional jewelry, daring to explore uncharted territories, where accessorie transcends mere aesthetics to forge an intimate connection with its wearer.

Silver 925

Stones Ametrine, Rough Ruby

Plating Black Rhodium, Gold 18K

Width 17.5 mm

Band wide 4.5 mm

Length 25 mm

Weight 19.5 g

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