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Article: Art Spirit

Art Spirit

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Jewelry is a real masterpiece.

It provokes incredibly strong emotions and feelings. It inspires us and you.

We are happy to congratulate our winners of the art competition: 


ring german kabirski

 «My exquisite piece is the Mydra Peridot ring a symbol of my two sons both born in August …the painting in the background is done by a friend ,Maite in Ermua Basque Country , both my sons were born there In Ermua and it is where my heart is and always will be…»

@ms_pistolicious   TAKES 2ND PLACE AND WINS A $600 GIFT CARD


earrings german kabirski

«I made this WWII gas mask in ceramics class, based on an original gas mask I found in a military surplus store. I loved the effect of the Raku firing process, leaving the piece burned and smoked, but with the blood-red glaze glossy, like it was freshly dripped blood on the mask. The perfect backdrop for these edgy earrings.»

Earrings: raw blue sapphires in gold and black anthracite 

@goldfinchesss TAKES 3RD PLACE AND WINS A $400 GIFT CARD

art spirit german kabirski

«Take gems of everything - the starry sky, the seabed, the bowels of the earth; let it fall on complicated fertile ground of the artist’s fantasy, polish it with the wildest desires, and see a piece of a dream. A masterpiece. The Swan Princess by Mikhail Vrubel.»

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