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Article: The Golden Triad

The Golden Triad


The Golden Triad

We waited long and hard for their birth, but only the best shall emerge from 18 carat gold.

Gold has long been highly prized for its eternal beauty. Ancient people from all cultures worshipped it's graceful light.


Glindel Fancy Sapphire Rough Ring

An eclectic mix of fancy sapphires sends out an explosion of natural color as the gemstones cluster together on the surface of this ring. Crafted from pure gold the tendrils of this precious metal filter through the bedrock of this design offering glimmers of golden light.

ring german kabirski

Elpha Tsavorite Rough Ring

White rhodium has been crafted in a design that is both captivating and soulful. Its enigmatic twists create a soundless symphony of movement as they weave and twirl in a graceful curve. The pinnacle of the ring is blessed with a faceted amethyst that spills rich light.

ring german kabirski

Fienn Ruby Rough Ring

A frenzied collection of rough rubies cast their deep light around in a blaze of earthly glory. Tendrils of pure gold weave their magic spell around the gemstones and capture them in a frozen embrace of dancing beauty that is unsurpassed.


ring german kabirski

The triad of compelling reasons

for gold to become yours is threefold...


this pure child of the earth is shall never corrode. It's lustre shall outlive the earth itself. Twinned with the most sumptuous stones, it's brilliance is enhanced.


a truly versatile metal, gold transforms beneath the hands of the artist, it is crafted and shaped with endless possibilities, in mesmerizing unique designs.


it's value shall never diminish. It's beauty is kissed by the rays of dawn. The worth of this high status precious metal shall only grow in your keeping.

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