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Article: Designer Jewelry for Self-Expression

Designer Jewelry for Self-Expression

Simone Susinna Unveils the Hidden Facets of His Identity wearing German Kabirski Accessories on November L'Officiel Liechtenstein Cover

Simone Susinna, widely recognized for his role in the film series '365 Days,' steps into a new spotlight on the November cover of L'Officiel Homme Liechtenstein. Departing from the intense and passionate on-screen persona everyone knows, Simone unexpectedly reveals his tender and romantic side - with the help of unconventional accessories from German Kabirski, a visionary designer challenging the traditional concept of jewelry.
simone celebrity german kabirski simone celebrity german kabirski
German Kabirski is on a mission to redefine the purpose of jewelry, moving away from it being a symbol of wealth and social status. Instead, he introduces statement pieces he calls "freaks," distancing himself from conventional decorative jewelry narratives. According to Kabirski, these accessories are more than just adornments; they are the wearers' alter egos, empowering people to stay true to themselves and embrace their individuality.
simone celebrity german kabirski simone celebrity german kabirski
Each piece from German Kabirski's collection serves as an opportunity for self-expression for Simone Susinna. This collaboration highlights the idea that we wear what we are - not the other way around. It's a celebration of authentic self-expression and a call to embrace individuality, challenging the conventional perception of jewelry - which means a lot, coming not just from artists, but one of the biggest mainstream fashion media.

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