Khanom Rough Citrine and Pink Tourmaline Ring


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This designer silver ring effortlessly beautifully merges nature and art. The piece showcases a large natural citrine rock as its centerpiece, preserving the raw, untouched beauty of the gemstone. Alongside the citrine, a round-cut pink tourmaline adds a subtle touch of color. This design celebrates raw gemstones, unaltered by human hands, emphasizing their natural charm. With no duplicate in existence, it stands as a one-of-a-kind creation, embodying the authenticity of nature and the designer's approach to wearable art.

Silver 925

Stones Rough Citrine, Pink Tourmaline

Plating Black Rhodium, Gold 18K

Width 21 mm

Band wide 15 mm

Length 22 mm

Weight 34.97 g

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