Flavi Rough Chrysoberyl and Green Sapphire Ring

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This designer 18K gold-plated silver ring by the anarchist designer German Kabirski, introduces the revolutionary "Stained Glass" technique, redefining traditional gemstone settings. Raw chrysoberyl crystals, existing in their unadulterated state, combine to form a natural mosaic. Interwoven through the design is a sinuous trail of natural green sapphires, welcoming a novel perspective on contemporary aesthetics. This one-of-a-kind ring challenges preconceived notions, and pushes the boundaries of modern jewelry artistry. There's no second ring just like this.

Silver 925

Stones Rough Chrysoberyl, Green Sapphire

Plating Gold 18K

Width 29 mm

Band wide 11 mm

Length 23 mm

Weight 12.39 g

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