Selan Rose Quartz and Rough Pink Sapphire Pendant


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Introducing a new one-of-a-kind pendant by German Kabirski - a contemporary neckpiece that blurs the lines between elegance and oddity, artistry and nature. Made of silver plated with precious white rhodium and 18K gold, it features large oval cabochon rose quartz contrasting with the unspoiled nature of rough pink sapphires, creating a captivating interplay between polished refinement and raw natural beauty. This singular piece, devoid of replication, stands as a testament to daring creativity—a harmonious symphony of contrasting textures that defies conventions and invites you to embrace the extraordinary.

Silver 925

Stones Rose Quartz, Rough Pink Sapphire

Plating White Rhodium

Width 51 mm

Length 42 mm

Weight 34.54 g

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